Year 3 :: Song

Chris and I embarked on a journey of artmaking together, over two years ago. We have weekly art nights where we each create a page in our art journals using the same theme or prompt.
(Read more about our process here and this year's journal here.)

First I want to take just a minute to confirm the power of art. Our last art journal entry was about our wish, and if you remember, Chris did his on being gainfully employed. And guess what happened that week? He got a promotion at work to management!! Amazing how that works, you put it out in the universe and it happens! And now this week:

  His ::

And to further the power of art, this week's prompt was ever-so-fitting with our week full of music. Chris is in three bands, and all three bands played last week, which is what he chose to do his page about. If you wanna check out his bands they are The Orbz, Supermoon and BulletPOP.

  Mine ::

And to top of the week of Chris's shows, on Tuesday we saw one of my favorite bands My Morning Jacket! They are amazing live, and this show was no exception. The highlight for me was when they played an old favorite of mine "The Dark".

you can see all of Year 3 here


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