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I feel a bit like this page is revealing the wizard behind the screen!

My name is Kelley Luckett (formerly Kelley Brown), and I have been an artist from the time that I first picked up a crayon: I drew a horse, and that image still hangs in my parent's house reminding me of my passion from an early age. I was involved in art classes form that point on, majoring in art in high school and college. I learned all the "right" ways of creating art. And then, I went to grad school to study art therapy and was introduced to art journaling. The process allowed me to break all the rules I had learned and in turn opened up creativity in me I did not know existed. Although I have always been an artist, through art journaling, I have come to live an artistic life.

This blog chronicles my ongoing projects, including a recent project about turning 30 and a process I call "parallel art journaling" where my significant other and I explore themes together through art. I have presented on the topic of art journaling at universities and the National Art Therapy Conference along with several other local venues. My blog and my work were recently featured on Psychology Today’s Healing Arts blog, in an article about art journaling as an art therapy tool. I conduct local workshops in St. Louis, where I live and work, and have curated art journaling exhibitions. This spring I am excited to be one of the teachers in Dirty Footprint Studios online art journaling workshop 21 Secrets.

I would love to hear from you!

You can contact me at kelley.artjournaling [at] gmail [dot] com


  1. Hi Kelley,
    On my way to work today, I listened to your guest podcast with Kimberly Wilson at Tranqility du jour. As a psychologist who is NOT trained in art therapy, I love hearing about the ways in which we can think outside the box and express ourselves as people. I'm looking forward to exploring art journaling for my own growth as a person. Best wishes! I truly enjoyed what you had to say on the podcast!

  2. Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoyed it and I wish you the best in your own creative explorations!

  3. Kelley
    Wonderful for me to happen upon your blog. Thank you for sharing! I am a psychologist who just discovered SoulCollage® and art/ visual journaling and my life and work is transformed.

  4. Amy,

    I am so glad that you found art and the transformative and healing powers of it. Good luck in your endeavors!!

  5. I'm not too far from your neighborhood--just west of STL. I am very intrigued by art journaling and have only recently heard of it. Thanks for this intro. Are you aware of any classes on it in the St. Peters, MO area?

  6. Yolanda,

    I sometimes offer classes in STL area. I will definitely post to the blog when I have another one. Another great option would be online workshops.

  7. Hello, Kelley. I am new member of your blog from Manila, Philippines, and I find it so interesting to indulge on ART Journaling. I plan to conduct an activity with some of my close friends who have been also busy with their modern day lives. Your blog will serve as an inspiration to us and we hope to get more pointers from you. :)

  8. I have been interested in art therapy for many years...may I ask where you went for your degree?
    I am considering returning to school for my MA, and live in northern IL.

  9. I've been struggling with a panic disorder for the past year, and my mom finally heard about art journaling from a coworker. I'm a writer, so this sounds like the perfect way to find myself, create things, and prevent panic attacks. I'll definitely be subscribing, and I'm so glad I found this :)
    I hope this helps me, and I'm so glad it helped you!
    Cappy @ Writer's Block

  10. Hi Amy!! love your stuff. I love writing and drawing, and I often draw on what I write :) I was just wondering what is 21 secrets that you talk about? I was thinking it was tutorials or a workshop, is it offered online or to purchase, and is it still available?

  11. Thank you for a great website- I've been trying to get back to journalling for several years, but have been suffering from a huge writer's block, due to being a survivor of severe domestic abuse and combat level PTSD. I just haven't been able to get the words on the page. A recent learning styles class identified me as a visual style learner- I learn by seeing and doing- and working on a visual journal might be just the thing I need to do to get things flowing again- so, thank you again!


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