Year 3 :: Inner Warrior/Goddess

Chris and I embarked on a journey of artmaking together, over two years ago. We have weekly art nights where we each create a page in our art journals using the same theme or prompt.
(Read more about our process here and this year's journal here.)

  His ::

  Mine ::

you can see all of Year 3 here


  1. Stunning pages. I love the contrast between the raw energy of his, and the sadness/love of yours.
    Now to be cheeky. I've recently progressed to Reiki 2 and I'm trying to journal it. Would you mind if I used your healing quote, as I think it would fit well with my idea?

  2. Absolutely. The quote originates from a Native American saying. The full quote is "every time you heal someone, you give a piece of yourself away, until at one point you will need healing yourself”

    Also thank you for the kind words!


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