30 days of 30: day 13

I am borrowing from the lovely Erin Kenepp's project 365 days of being 30 and am completing a 30 days of 30 art journal. I will create one page each of the first 30 days of being 30. You can see all of the pages here.

{day 13}
Its funny how I don't want people to think I am 30 yet also feel offended if they think I am 25.
It is really a conundrum. I think that it has to do with not wanting to be "old" yet also not wanting to be "young". By that I mean that I want to be wise and mature, so I don't want to be seen as young, but at the same time don't want to be old...


  1. I never understood this obsession with age and this fear of being (considered) old. 30 is not old by the way, but that's another story ;-) I think it's great to get older, you gain experience and knowledge and you get to know who you are better and better. And all the junk that isn't you just rubs off over the years. I turned 40 this year and loved it! I hope I will have the privilege to experience what it is like to be a really old lady with grey hair and strange habits.

  2. You are so right... I love how you put it "And all the junk that isn't you just rubs off over the years"... so very true!!


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