30 days of 30: day 12

I am borrowing from the lovely Erin Kenepp's project 365 days of being 30 and am completing a 30 days of 30 art journal. I will create one page each of the first 30 days of being 30. You can see all of the pages here.

{day 12}
Make new friends but keep the old.
I have been blessed with some of the best friends in the world. As I continue to go through my life, I am amazed that I continue to be blessed with new great friends. Over the past several days I have seen many friends: some I know quite well, some for years even, and some are just blossoming friendships. All are dear to me and make me happy that I have learned what true friendship is!


  1. Friendship is one of mysteries and marvels of life to me. How is that we are drawn to another person whether we are 5 or 50? And think about it. There are people who exist, but that we don't know, yet who may, in the future, become dear friends. Friends are like air--necessary for life.

  2. Hannah, you are so right. And I am also thankful for all of my online friends too!


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