New Hand-Bound Journal

I just completed another hand-bound journal tonight, using all recycled materials. I used the same process for the pages as I did in the Trashy Journals, and the journal itself is made primarily out of a recycled rice bag, with some scrap material embellishment! It is a tall skinny journal, which will be a new size for me, but I really think that I will enjoy it!

I have not 100% decided if this will be used for an upcoming journal project of mine, or an upcoming round robin I am participating in...


  1. What a fabulous journal! I love that it's tall and skinny too! Great idea. I am going to share it on my blog with a link to your blog if that's okay? Hugs and happy creating!

  2. Thanks so much Kelly! And yeah I am pretty excited about the size too! Can't wait to share what I put in it!

  3. Such a good idea ... I am inspired to use up lots of old magazine pages I have been saving. Thanks for sharing.


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