Diary vs. Journal

A classmate asked the other day about the difference between a diary and a journal, and I recently found this great post by quinncreative giving a great explanation.
“What’s the difference between a journal and a diary?" A diary is a report of what happened during the day—where you ate, who you met, the details leading up to the kerfluffle in the office, and who took whose side. It’s a bit like a newspaper about you.

A journal is completely different. A journal is about examining your life. It’s a GPS system for your spirit. “I’ve made this mistake before. . . and I always make it when I rushed for time and feel panicky. But I feel panicky because I know I’m headed for the same mistake.” Journals lead to insight, growth, and sometimes, achieving a goal.

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  1. Great Post - and personally, I have another 'in-between' stage: my 'commonplace book' which catalogues things I intend to do, things I have done, results, and all sorts of other things. Easier to keep track of what I am doing, because it goes with me everywhere, my secular bible. My 'morning journal' is my diary, my first outpouring of the day - very early - whilst still in bed, and then I have all manner of journals that 'journal the journal', and between all those, my creative spirit is captured on paper in pen and ink. Hope I haven't confused you.


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