30 days of 30: day 18

I am borrowing from the lovely Erin Kenepp's project 365 days of being 30 and am completing a 30 days of 30 art journal. I will create one page each of the first 30 days of being 30. You can see all of the pages here.

{day 18}
Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish myself from my art. I am my art. My art is me.

This is a little flap that opens to reveal the journaling on this page.


  1. I love this page and the idea. The idea of doing 365 in a row is a bit daunting but keeping it to the same number as your age sounds more achievable to me
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I believe our art is an extension of ourselves. an offering of self to the world. is there a need to distinguish? perhaps when it is response art and you are being cathartic, but even then, is that not your own response?

  3. Kelley,
    You are very inspiring! Thank you for keeping your Inspiration on Tap for all of us to partake of. Now..I'll see what I can create in my beautiful journal I received in the mail today :) -- I'll keep you posted. And yes.. the creative process is so much a part of me..and my life.. a soulful blending.

  4. @Lee - I totally agree. Doing the 30 has been hard as well. I can only imagine 365.

    @Phoenix Peacock - I agree. I think that my original train of thought was in the words I found "Dear readers this is a book about art". And I was thinking about how this project is as much about art as it is about me. Through the art I have self awareness and self discovery. So you are right I am not sure there is a need to differentiate... I am still thinking on this, because my thoughts are not completely cohesive at this time.

    @Cheryl - I am glad that it made it to you safely!! I can't wait to see what you create!


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