Year II: Week 21

My guy and I have weekly art nights, and keep art journals together. Read more about it here.

Your redeeming qualities/qualities you aspire to




  1. Hi Kelley !
    I came across your blog through some adventure in Blogland that I can't quite remember but have to say I am thrilled to have found you. I love your pages very much - they have that go forth and play quality that I love in art journals. I adore the fact that you and your man have made "art night" a practice in your relationship - what a great intimate activity to share in a couple !
    I will be back to admire and visit often...thanks for the inspiration today.
    Cheers !

  2. Thanks Kim!

    My man had not made art since elementary school when I asked him to start this adventure about a year an a half ago. He has become quite the artist now and is comfortable expressing himself with art. It has been a great adventure for us, and we both look forward to our art nights. I hope that we are able to continue it in some form for years to come!


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