Comic Strip: My Adventure

One of my favorite groups to do with the kiddos is a guided imagery group on an adventure. I have them close their eyes and imagine the story as I am telling them and then have them draw it out later. The story goes something like this:
You're going on an adventure. You are standing in a meadow. Look around and notice what is around you. Notice what you see... hear... smell... Is it light or dark out; is is hot or cold? As you set out on your journey you are going to need some tools, what will you take with you. As you are walking you come upon a cave. Again notice what you see... hear... smell... feel. You walk into the cave and there is a monster. You somehow get past the monster and find a treasure. You leave the cave and head back home. Again notice what you see... hear... smell. And you arrive safely home.
Throughout the story I pause to allow time for their imagination to fill in the blanks, but seeing their stories is always fascinating! Below is the one that I did (although I did not finish it all during group, just enough to model the story-telling idea!)Although it is not in my art journal, I did enjoy the comic book style of telling a story. I may have to use some rendition in my journal at some point!

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