Art Journal Vol IV: Spread 2 — Flying High/Blood

I am starting to really like working in the new journal. The page on the left was done in my medication-induced state, and the one on the right was after a pretty disturbing session today with an obviously traumatized child.


  1. Yay for a new journal. I am curious, how many do you have now?

  2. Well...

    This is the 4th volume of self-care related journals, or journals that are related to my art therapy work.

    I am working on my 2nd journal with my beau, in which we create a journal page a week for a year (we are on year 2 of this)

    And I have several other miscellaneous journals that serve various purposes, as well as a couple of small journals that told a small story.

    Recently I have started binding my own, and love that! I have my eye on a couple of bindings I want to try out for travel journals, etc...

    Hope that answers your question!


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