Art Space Revamping

Two things happened today that made it imperative to revamp and reorganize my art space. (I wish that I were lucky enough to have an art-making room, but alas my art space is a corner in the dining room.  The next move we make will hopefully have a space that we can turn into a studio!)

1. I was gifted a gorgeous antique sewing machine.

It is a gorgeous piece from the 50s.

It has stunning hardware! Maybe needs a new coat of paint and some cleaning, but gorgeous.

It is in working condition, but needs a new belt as it appears to be dry-rotted.

2. We scored tons of great art materials from The Upcycle Exchange's Open House.

There was so much stuff to choose from. We made out like bandits!
We got several books to give to our art group friends to start their own altered books/art journals,
2 tin cans to make drums out of, and LOTS and LOTS of paper and ephemera for art journaling.

My favorite find was someone's discarded ephemera bag! There was so much cool stuff in it!

There were two completed artist trading cards...

Japanese money, and several other asian artifacts...

More completed artwork... plus so much more!

More finds from the day!

So here is the finished workspace.

I had to "borrow" an additional set of drawers from my guy's office.
We now have one set of drawers for paper and ephemera and one set of drawers for art supplies.
Plus a box of papers that were too large to fit in the drawers.

It looks so neat and clean now, I wonder how long it will look that way!

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