Child Therapist's Survival Kit

Today I got the most amazing care package from my sister to congratulate me on my job. It was this great big box with a basket and all these trinkets with little cards on it. Not only did they offer survival tips, but they also will be useful at my new job! I truly have the most amazing sister!!

Here is a list of what was inside, and the message on each card:
  • Rope -- so when you reach the end of yours you can tie a knot and hang on
  • Clock -- don't forget to take some time for yourself
  • An extra pair of hands -- for when you just can't do it alone
  • Hugs and Kisses -- because every child (and therapist) deserves them
  • Gum -- to help you chew things over... (...not chew others out)
  • A puzzle -- to remind you that its hard to put people back together, but sometimes hey can't do it without you
  • A magic wand -- to fix things that you can't
  • Balloons -- to blow up so that you won't
  • Cotton -- to help remember that feelings are soft
  • Paper plates -- for the times that you have too much on yours!
  • Coffee -- to help you stay awake
  • A coloring book -- because at the end of the day sometimes being a kid helps
  • A yoga video -- to remind you to be flexible
  • Glasses -- to remind you that sometimes clients see the world differently
  • Dry erase board -- to remind you that everyone makes mistakes, but you can always erase them
  • Notepads -- for jotting down notes and appointments
  • Magic 8 Ball -- for all the times you don't have the answers
  • m&m's -- because they make friends
  • Air Pump -- to get pumped up on bad days
  • Trail mix -- to remind you to eat
  • Band aids -- to heal hurt feelings (theirs and yours)
  • Lifesavers -- to remind you of the many that need your help
  • Eyemask -- to cover your eyes and forget the little things
  • Music -- to help your clients (and you) relax
  • Shout Wipes -- to get rid of the messes you will make
  • Sour patch kids -- to appreciate the differences in others, and to take the good with the bad
  • Paper clips -- to help you hold it all together
  • Smarties -- for those days you don't feel so smart
  • Nuts -- because sometimes you feel like a nut
  • Candles -- to remind you to share your light with others
  • Tissues -- for when the big stories of little people break your heart and make you cry
  • Bath salts -- to take you away at the end of the day
  • Sill putty -- to stretch you beyond your limits
  • Pain killers -- for the headache you will get
  • Starbursts -- for when you need a burst of energy
  • Cell Phone -- to remind you that it's ok to call for help sometimes
  • Rubber band ball -- to help you bounce back from the hard hits
  • A friend -- to hug you when I can't
  • Clothespin -- to help you hang in there
  • Toothpicks -- to help you pick through the problems that can be helped, and which ones can't
  • Tootsie Roll -- to remind you to roll with the punches
  • Quarter -- for when you need to call in for a mental health day
  • Smiley Face -- to remember your impact on those you help (and that smiles are contagious)
  • Button -- to remind you to button your lips from saying what you really think
  • Penny -- to help make "cents" of it all
  • Mirror (and tiara) -- for when things get really tough, and you feel like you are doing it all wrong, don't forget to look in the mirror and remind yourself of what a brilliant princess you are
  • Cat in the Hat hat -- to remind you to have fun (if your job ever becomes work you shouldn't be doing it anymore)

I was speechless, and in tears!

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  1. Kelly, what a wonderful care package and sisters are so amazing. :)


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