I have been trying to think about the audience for my art journals recently. I make them for myself, but share them with the world via this blog... Why? And what does that mean?

I think for me, my intention is to make the art journals for myself, and to communicate what I need to through the art and writing. The reason I share them is two-fold: I hope that it inspires others to keep journals (art or not) and I can create my own artist studio (or community) through the blog.

One of the things that I have been thinking about is creativity and the creative process, and being in a studio and having other artists around me feeds my creativity. I can recreate this through the cyber world, through my blogs and other's, by visiting and posting and creating a dialog. That is where sharing with the world on the blogs come in.

However, I am also able to keep some secrecy to my journals, because a lot of the communication is through the artwork, and I do not at this point explain the art on the blog. It is up for interpretation.

In addition, I hope to share my process at the National Art Therapy Conference in November, and will probably do so at other presentations and workshops of smaller scale. Next week, in fact, I am showing my journals at the Student Art Therapy Association's annual art show, Art of Awareness.

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