Year 3 :: You are

Chris and I embarked on a journey of artmaking together, over two years ago. We have weekly art nights where we each create a page in our art journals using the same theme or prompt.
(Read more about our process here and this year's journal here.)

  His ::

  Mine ::

you can see all of Year 3 here


  1. What a blessing to have a beloved who embarks in the creative process along side of you... I've been following you for a while and this always tickles me... Just lovely. and your creations are so inspirational. Much love and light, Sheila

  2. oh i just love this. especially i am free as a bird. great blog!

  3. I aboslutely love your art journaling! And do to it with your partner, I only wish my partner and myself had the time and space to do it ourselves but as it is, we aren't even under the same roof. I look forward to seeing more :D

  4. Thanks ladies! I love that we have art in our relationship, it has truly made our relationship deeper...

    And Moar, have you though about sending a journal back and forth in the mail to respond to each other's art?


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