Art Journal Vol V :: Falling Stars

  { 6.16.11 }

sometimes I feel like I am wishing on falling stars instead of shooting stars

Self-care is something that is deeply important to me, and I continue a practice I started in graduate school, which is to keep an art journal specifically for my self-care as a therapist. You can read more about that here.


  1. Beautiful as always! I just love the colors you chose for this.



  2. Hi, Kelly ! I've been following your blog and I must say your journal pages are amazing ! I'm also taking 21 Secrets but haven't got to your class yet. I started something called Beauty of Sorrow and was wondering if you wish to contribute some of your journal pages and stories?

    I hope you can check it out and I see some great posts here about self-care. I would love if you would contribute to help other ! Thank you very much !

  3. Thank you ladies. and Sung hee I will definitely try to put something together to submit. Thank you!


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