Art Journal Vol V :: Birds

  { 6.11.11 }

Self-care is something that is deeply important to me, and I continue a practice I started in graduate school, which is to keep an art journal specifically for my self-care as a therapist. You can read more about that here.


  1. love the birds on the wire imagery!

  2. I heard you on a podcast and tonight me and my partner finished making our very first art journaling book, Thanks for the idea, i was looking for something we could do together, and although his a little timid about it, i know it will be something we get a lot out of.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Also is there any of your partners work here? would love to show Ian his work.

  3. Anmaree,

    Thanks so much for stoppign by. Yes my guys work is on here! I post his work with every parallel journal page we do. Check out this link which also has links to our journal pages: http://artjournaling.blogspot.com/p/parallel-art-journaling.html


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