Year 3 :: The Proposal

Chris and I embarked on a journey of artmaking together, over two years ago. We have weekly art nights where we each create a page in our art journals using the same theme or prompt.
(Read more about our process here and this year's journal here.)

So for this week, we deviated from our prompt jar... because we wanted to commemorate the proposal in our journals! {How interesting that last week we created about the first date, and this week we had the proposal, the bookends of our relationship thus far.}

  His ::

  Mine ::

you can see all of Year 3 here


  1. Terrific idea and great journalling.

  2. Oh my gosh Kelli--congratulations and many heartfelt wishes to you and Chris for all the years to come. You've built such a wonderful foundation with your journal dates and the many pages you've logged together.

    Mazel tov!

  3. Ohhhhhhh... I'm jealous! If only my husband could be artsy... sigh

  4. Thank you ladies...

    And Hannah, we are so very excited, and really hope to continue the journaling practice together... Art will also be a big part of the wedding!

    And NaNa, Chris was not "artsy" when we started either... he was just willing to try!


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