Art Journal Vol V :: Princess & Violated

  { 3.10.11 }

  { 3.7.11 }

Self-care is something that is deeply important to me, and I continue a practice I started in graduate school, which is to keep an art journal specifically for my self-care as a therapist. You can read more about that here and here.


  1. Beautiful pages. I especially like the 'violated' ones, very intense.

  2. thank you! it was a very intense experience. I am glad that came across!

  3. these pages are beautiful ~ for me, as many, it's about the process and I can see your process; I clicked over to read your thesis excerpt (belated congrats, just found your blog recently) - phenomenal, I am not an art therapist but my work in social work has evolved as I observed traditional therapies ineffective, especially with children

  4. @Dawn Thanks so much for finding me! I agree whole-heartedly that it is the process!! And I am glad you enjoyed the thesis excerpt! I really need to get it published! Thanks again for stopping by!


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