I call her Eve: she peers at the moon, longing to be closer to nature.


  1. I absolutely ADORE your work. If you sold them, I'd buy one. :) Question: what materials do you use? I'm pretty new at this art thing, so I can't always tell by looking, but I love the way it looks!

  2. She is very colorful and dark at the same time. Love those dots on her chick. :)

  3. Katie, funny you should say that... I have been thinking for sometime about selling prints of artwork, and possible originals as well... just got to figure out logistics.

    And thanks everyone for the compliments. Eve was drawn with oil pastels on a gold/brown paper. It gives a very rich color to her, but also causes it to be a little darker than on white paper. I love the effect!

  4. Eva's freckles are wonderful...and I do love the skin tone you were able to create w/the pastels! Beautiful piece!


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