Art Night :: Round Robin Update

I have started an art group that meets monthly to make art together, and we have decided to do our own round robin (read my guest post about starting your own art night). A couple of months ago we had a Journal Binding Party and for the last several months we have been passing journals. Below are some images of my art in Sarah's journal.

For this journal entry, I was inspired by Connie Hozvicka's Fearless Painting Process she is teaching in 21 Secrets, as well as the Paint Writing course by Silky Hart. 


  1. I'm also an Art journalist of my own making.Not schooled in art sad to say.I'm a retired Rehab. R.N. and can see how wonderful it would be to include Art Jounaling in pts.Rehab.if they had use at all of their hands.What a life to do that for a living,as in O.T.Your blog is alot of fun.I would love to be in a group like yours

  2. i'm an art journalist too, and i love your art!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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