Snow Inspiration

My puppy dogs in the snow... they like it much more than I do!
I have been hibernating this weekend in the snow. It has been so cold in our old house {our old house with very inefficient heat} that all I have wanted to do was stay under the covers where it is warm. Not much art this weekend, but I have been perusing the internet and found these wonderful ideas I had to share.

First over at the blog Drawing with a Squirrel is an awesome idea for transforming an altoids tin into a travel watercolor kit. This would be a perfect addition to a travel art journal kit, and is super cute.

And over at the Magic Bean is a free pattern download for this awesome crafter's apron {or toolbelt}. It rolls up to hold all the items safely between use, and could function as that travel art journal kit! This is more than likely going to be on my agenda for next weekend!

For examples of a travel art journal kit check out this old post about a journal kit I made for a present for a friend and this list of basic art journal supplies.

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