Try Writing in Your Art Journal

I made this page up to show the art journal groups that I work with, and to encourage them to add text in their art journals. It is also a reminder for myself to utilize several types of text in my journals.
  1. Masking Tape Mask - Put masking tape down where you would like your words to be. Paint and let dry. Peel up the tape and write in the area masked off (I chose to stamp in this version but you could handwrite as well)
  2. Draw your own set of lines to write between
  3. Cut out letters from magazines to spell your words
  4. Write with a gel pen in a light color, and outline the letters with a dark gel pen (using cursive font)
  5. Write with your non-dominate hand
  6. Create 3-D lettering (Check out Teesha Moore's Youtube Series on Penmanship for more information)
  7. Use letter stamps 
  8. Go over each letter several times to give it a scratchy effect
  9. Fill in the bubbles of the letters and outline everything in a contrasting color
  10. Cursive writing with the bubbles of the letters colored in a variety of colors
  11. Cutting out full words from magazines
  12. Write with a white crayon or oil pastel and create a watercolor wash on top of it
  13. Use a bamboo pen and india ink (experiment with different pens and found objects such as sticks)
  14. Write with a gel pen in a light color, and outline the letters with a dark gel pen (using a print font with small serifs added)
  15. Block out each letter with color (here I used oil pastels) and stamp letters on top of it
  16. Write with a gel pen in a dark color, and outline the letters with a light gel pen
  17. Write on masking tape and add to your journal
Experiment with different writing utensils, pencils, pens. Scratch words into paint, into oil pastels. Be creative, and don't worry about messing something up. You can almost always fix it, or change it or cover it up and start over. Sometimes the best results come from mistakes or accidents.


  1. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!! It doesn't hurt that I was watching Train sing "Hey Soul Sister" at the AMAs while I read it.

  2. Thanks for this great list Kelly--with your blessing and citation, I'll share this with my teens at the hospital.

  3. Thanks ladies...

    and of course you may share!

  4. Great blog. Thanks for the inspiration. I stopped journaling almost five years ago, but you've motivated me to get back into art journaling.


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