Year II: Week 30

My guy and I have weekly art nights, and keep art journals together. Read more about it here.

Count Your Blessings


I love how things can just fall into place sometimes. I had to go to the post office today to mail my Small Art Pen-Pal Art, and when I pulled my number out of the number-o-matic it pulled our three... 141, 142 and 143. With the last being 143 (Chris now tells me it is I43, but it still has the same meaning). Back in the day of pagers, my mother used to page me with 143 to mean I love you (1 letter word= I, 4 letter word= love and 3 letter word= you) and so those numbers have always had special meaning to me—even though we don't really use that code much anymore! So when I pulled the 143 I immediately knew that would be my number for "count your blessings." And when I started pulling items together for the page, I stumbled across a page with the words "The LOUVRE" written fairly large on it. Blocking out the U and the R created the word LOVE as the focal image (which was probably inspired by my recent discovery of blackout poetry-- God Loves Poetry). And a quote from my all-time favorite band to finish it off. Sometimes all you really need is love, and all other blessings seem to stem from that—love for family, love for friends, love for self, love for nature, love for life. 

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