Community Arts in Recovery: This Friday

Masterpeace Studios and Queen of Peace Center
Community Arts in Recovery
September 24 from 6-8pm

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This is the culminating show in a 4 week art group, similar to Pat Allen's method of intention writing, artmaking and witness writing. The group was specifically designed as a Recovery Month activity, and was open to all people in the recovery community. It was nice to facilitate a group where I too got to make art, and really helped me in the realm of authenticity.

Here is a peak at my artwork and witness writing (although it is only a peak!!).

When I was making the art I was thinking about the elements: earth, wind, fire. There are two circles that represent earth, the green. 7 that represent fire. 5 water. There is more fire, but there is balance. Like in life. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the negative. But there is still positive. It is like the saying "Our souls would not have rainbows had our eyes no tears."

I initially made it thinner. What society tells me to be. Thin. A model. But I am none of these. I am thick. Voluptuousness. I embraced this. She has a natural curve.

Two symbols combined. The bird and the nest. Two birds, one nest, three [4] eggs. All are different—a rock, a shell, a pinecone. The mother bird sits on the nest while the father bird watches over. Protecting? Maybe. Helping? What does this mean?
Again the process was very moving for me, with the most moving moments coming from asking questions of my images. Asking the images for answers. I will continue this process of artmaking, and find that the deeper understanding of self is so powerful.

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