Self Care Journal

It is funny how some days go. Today was thesis defense day at SIUE, and just last semester I was presenting my research on art journaling for self-care. To go back further, when I started graduate school for art therapy, I knew that my sensitivity (which some had saw as a weakness and now I see as a strength) would make me vulnerable to "taking my work home," or what I now know is called compassion fatigue. And so, when I started my first practicum, I started my first journal. From there, I have gone on to have multiple journals, not only for my self-care and self-nurturing, but also to help build a stronger relationship with my partner. It has been a journey that I endear, am so happy I have taken.

Today was an exemplary example of how art journaling can help me destress from a difficult day. I created one page at work, but did not have anything particular that needed to be purged... But the day went on and by the end of the day, it was one of THOSE days! So when I came home I created a second page. It started out being about a particular incident at work, but became a more general revelation. I need support, just as much as my clients need support from me.

May 4

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