Self Care Journal: Finished

I finished my journal. It has been a while in the making of this one, but every page has something on it now, and it is busting at the seams! It is a bittersweet moment as this journal has chronicled my entire internship and now work at my current position. However, I am looking forward to working in my newly bound one tomorrow!

All of the completed journals in the display case!

I have been struggling with migraines recently... these pages reflect that, and how it affects me at work.

May 11

May 12


  1. What a great way to be able and revisit your journey later in your career!

  2. Your journals look so yummy there...all filled with, well life! So amazing when you finish one and its all full and rich! I love it!

  3. thanks ladies!

    @Phoenix Peacock
    They really have been great to look back on and see my growth as a therapist and an artist! I have them from all my practicums and now from my career!

    I do love the fullness of the journal. It has been a journey for sure!

  4. I find it inspiring to see other people's filled journals. THank you.


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