Wedding Painting

One of my very dearest friends is getting married next weekend. I am super excited, and so glad that I could be involved in so many ways with the wedding.

I was so honored that she and her soon-to-be hubby asked me to design the invitations (below) and programs (not yet finalized!):

And then I knit her a shawl for her wedding day...

The button is an antique found on etsy from the 1920's!

And today I completed a painting that I will give her and her new husband for their wedding. I had not used the mixed media technique on canvas before. It was quite fun, and I am quite pleased with the results. I used ephemera from the wedding (invitation to the wedding and other events) as well as miscellaneous ephemera to collage the canvas before painting. I chose to use the poppy that was used for the invitations, on the painting (one for the bride, and one for the groom) and found a quote that I thought was very fitting, on many levels: their love for each other and our friendship! The two focal poppies were made by first painting the ephemera red, and then cutting them out and collaging them on the canvas. The details were painted with ink.

If you look closely here, you can see the invitation.


  1. (tears) just read this. it's lovely, Kelley! so lovely.

  2. Well, I was banking on you not reading the blog this week on your very busy week! But I am glad you love it! It will be yours on Friday... another piece of information for you... It is on the canvas Minhee gave me!

  3. this is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Kelley Brown is supafly!!!


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