Journal Group + 2 Techniques

This is my absolutely favorite group of the week. I love that the ladies enjoy the group so much and encourage each other in their art making process! Today was especially fun, as the ladies had me take pictures of their pregnant bellies (I wish I could show them here!!) and drew smiley face on their bellies with glitter glue... It was so much fun!

Today I also demonstrated a couple of techniques in the journal.

Masking Tape Mask

1} Place masking tape on paper in desired pattern.
2} Paint the page with desired paint
3} Remove tape - the paper will be exposed underneath.

In the above image, I stamped within the masked design.

Packing Tape Transfers

1} Cut out the desired image from a magazine.
2} Cover it with packing tape.
3} Soak this in water and then rub the paper off the back of the tape—the ink will stick.
4} Adhere in your journal layering over text, color or other images.

Above is the finished page in entirety. Below is a close up of the transfer so that you can see the transparency.

This is the other image that I worked on in the group, to demonstrate extending the collaged image through the rest of the page.


  1. Found your blog today and love, love, love what you are doing! Your art is amazing, and thanks so much for the technique.

  2. Ophelia, Thank you so much for your kind words!


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