Self Care Journal

Well my self care lunches have become more frequent, and actually inspired me to work on it at home more... A while back I completed the fronts of all the pages in the moleskine, and now I am working backwards. I love having opposing images on both pages, and it is neat seeing how my style and expression continues to change.

March 3

March 4

March 5

I love how the pocket on the image above turned out. I had been trying to think of how I would incorporate the collage paper dolls that I made in my children's art therapy group. I love that the symbolism of a safe place in my journal correlated to the safe place that I hope the clients are finding.


  1. All your journal pages are so beautiful; all I do in mine is write and occasionally scribble. You put me to shame and I will go back through your earlier postings and indulge myself in more inspirational journal pages.

  2. Oh no shame... It is all about the expression, and the process!! Enjoy the journaling!


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