Art Journaling as a Way of Life

I have been thinking a lot lately about some comments that I received about how many art journals I have going at the same time—the organization that this takes and how it must be confusing. I have never thought of it this way. Each journal has a story to tell. Each one is different, has a different purpose. They tell a piece of my story.

My sketch journal is small and compact. I keep it i my purse and sketch my life when I have a moment. Something small from the day. A cup of tea, a bar of soap. But it tells my story, something that struck me that day as beautiful, or on my mind. They are not necessarily artistically correct, but they are about more than the aesthetics.

My thesis journal, chronicles my art therapy practicum placement. The issues that I would normally take home and dwell on in my personal life, have a home in this journal. I work them out on the pages, close the book, and can go on with my personal life, without having to bring home the stress of the day.

I have a journal that I will be starting with my fella. We are moving in together, and I want to chronicle the first year of our life together. We are going to use a deck of cards, and work on one a week for 52 weeks. This is our story.

And I have many other ones that don't necessarily have a theme. Or are blank for the moment until they are called upon to be used. Art journaling has become more than just a hobby, but it has become a way of life for me. A way to record my life, to reflect on it, and to destress from it.

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