A series of events

A series of events, unplanned, have kept me away from the blog recently. Nothing detrimental, but most recently our AC has been out, which in this small heat wave, made it impossible to make art comfortably in the "studio". I was artful in other ways, but nothing to share here... Hopefully this dry spell is over for now!


  1. I can relate. Here in Wisconsin we had two stifling days with temperatures in the 90's and heat indexes over 100 this past week (of course, we are back to the 50's again...terrible for June!), and I can't imagine what it would've been like with no AC! Glad to hear you have it back!

  2. Oh it has been so hot and unbearable! I am so glad it is finally fixed, and I can get back to making art. I missed it so!


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