The Secret Revealed

If you haven't heard already, 
21 Secrets registration has been extended to October 1,
and the playground will be open until January 1. 
This gives you more time to register and be a part of this amazing experience,
and it gives you more time to maximize on the arting!

To celebrate I wanted to share some of the art coming out of my 21 Secrets Workshop Adding Dimension! Take a look!

Kimberly Mackey of Pumpkin Delight created this amazing paper doll family! I can't get over how cute they are.

And check out Lisa Dieken's wonderful butterfly pop-up. Really emphasizes the beauty and wonder of the season!

I just love Leith Zeutenhorst's page below. Such an ingenious use of a pocket, and a poem spoken straight from the heart!


  1. Ha ha! Thanks so much for linking my dolls. I've never been linked before...yay! I adored your class, so much fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing your dolls with me. I love what you created!


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