21 Secrets Opens TODAY

I cannot tell you how excited I am that the playground is finally open, and we can all begin playing together.

To celebrate opening day, I am participating in a 21 Secrets Blogroll and want to tell you a little more about some of the lovely ladies that are going to be teaching. I am so honored that I get to teach along side of them, and that I get to learn from them!

  Silky Hart :: Paint Writing :: Expressive Hart

I am so excited to be teaching along side Silky; even though I have never met her in person, I can sense her clear, supportive energy through the blogosphere. She is such an inspiring person. I am hoping to learn a great deal in her class, as writing is still the part that I struggle with most in my art journaling. I have taken a peak into her class, and am so excited about some of the techniques... I am inspired already!

Feel the rhythm and beauty of your own handwriting – like brush strokes zigzagging across the page of sky and earth in a calligraphy that shows the way to your soul. Playing with ink, watercolor, writing techniques and poetry, you’ll learn simple yet stunning ways to let paint fly onto the page from your own creative wellspring. You’ll come away with an exquisite little handmade journal of your own poetic artistry.

And although not necessarily related to her 21 Secrets class, I just love this mandala that she has created!

  Tammy Garcia :: Urban Layer Cake :: Daisy Yellow


I just love Tammy's rich layers and textures in her journal, and am so excited that this is in fact what she is offering to teach at 21 Secrets. {And check out her awesome Art Journaling 101, for newbies!} I am inspire by how she uses so many colors and textures, and what a delight it makes for the eye. Tammy's approach to art journaling is what it is all about: having fun, experimenting, and letting the art take over.

Get absolutely insane on your art journal pages with urban grunge! We will turn a blank white page into a textured, infinitely chaotic art journal background. Perfectionism simply cannot interfere when your goal is grunge! {How awesome is that last line!! As a perfectionist, I feel this class may be liberating!}

Register for 21 Secrets by clicking the button below:


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I'm so honored to be a fellow teacher with you on 21 Secrets and I'm so looking forward to your class: Adding Dimension.

    How synchronistic that you are also featuring Tammy since she lives in my neck of the woods and we are going to meet next week!


  2. Silky,

    Thanks so much! And how great that you are able to meet up with Tammy. I am now curious if there is anyone near me...

    What a great group of ladies we have gathered here!



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