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My mom always said I couldn't keep a secret! And I can't wait to share this with you!!

Look at all these amazing workshops!
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Aimee Myers Dolich of Artsyville
Three Little Words

Ever get stuck for inspiration or feel like your journal pages come out false and forced? I do quite often, and that's when I rely on word prompts to redirect my efforts. In this class we take the traditional word prompt up a notch by working with three at a time. We'll go fishing for strings of words, do a bunch of mini wordplay activities and then have a mixed media ruckus in our journals with the results. You might be surprised at what three little words can unleash on paper!


 Alma Stoller of Alma Stoller
Child's Play Workshop

Let's create resists, intricate patterns and one one-of-a-kind surface designs. In this 5 video workshop, I will show you numerous ways to create unique journal pages using children's toy, basic art supplies and found objects. This is an excellent class for both the beginner and experienced student.


 Barbara Nigg of Creative Fires Studio
The Self Portrait Experience

Experience new ways to see yourself by creating mixed media self portraits. Together, we’ll explore our place in the world and the interplay of our deeper selves and outer lives by transforming memory and emotion into art. Using journaling exercises, very basic photography and poetry we will see ourselves through three lenses: MYSELF - who am I?; MYSELF and OTHERS - who am I in relationship?; and MYSELF AND THE WORLD - who am I in community? Self portraits increase self awareness by teaching you to see yourself through the eyes of an artist - with curiosity, creativity and compassion.


 Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio
Abstract Adventure

Abstract painting is so much more than splashing paint around and playing with shape and line. Actually once your mind gets out of the way and you put your fears down to take a rest--abstract painting can feel like taking your creativity on an amusement park play date!! In Abstract Adventure we will take a brief tour through Abstract Art History, focus on ways to loosen up and let go with the paintbrush, and have fun examining how color, texture, line, and shape can come together passionately to express your heart and soul beautifully! Let’s get wild! Let’s get crazy! Let’s take an Abstract Adventure together!


Playing With Patterns

Learn how to layer hand painted, stamped and stenciled images to create your own richly intricate patterned papers and fabrics for use in your art journal. We will be playing with commercial and handmade stamps and stencils as well as acrylic and spray paint to channel your inner graffiti artist and create lovely designs that are uniquely you! We will also discuss ideas for incorporating these designs into your visual journaling, whatever your style. You may never buy patterned paper again!


Becoming Brave

Have you ever heard the saying that we are our own worst critic? Do you struggle with the negative voices? I'm here to remind you that you are not perfect, none of us are. But, we can all strive to be the best version of ourselves by being fearless! Inspired by my most recent art journal project Becoming Brave, I will guide you through the beginning steps to create your own fearless art journal incorporating four sections about being fearless in life, love, work, and the body. By creating a fearless journal, I hope you will find strength and understanding and the courage to express yourself freely in your pages. I will support you along the way and encourage you to look deep inside yourself and find the confidence you have been searching for!


 Goddess Leonie of Goddess Guidebook
Connect with the Goddess inside you...

In this workshop we'll be doing a guided meditation to connect with the gorgeous, glowing, wise, creative goddess inside us... and then creating a beautiful intuitive journal page with her and her wisdom. This soulful technique will create both a gorgeous journal page... and a powerful thing to do whenever you need wise reminders from the Goddess in You.


 Gretchen Miller of Gretchen Miller
ready for revo’lution!

This workshop will empower you to use art journaling to create your very own revo’lution! Explore concepts of transformation, creating change, and invite intentions of new possibilities through the power of collage, mixed media, journaling prompts & more. Embrace your revo’lutionary spirit to imagine, create or reclaim your ideas into action! What will your revo’lution look like?


 Heather Plett of Sophia Leadership
Body Art Journaling

It's time to put your Belly Love and your Art Journal Love all in one place!

This workshop will challenge you to be a little more free with your body while you do your art. It will help you reach down deep into the places in your body that have been told for too long that they are not beautiful. Your body will rejoice to be treated with kindness and respect as you incorporate it into your art-making process.

Your body is beautiful, your art is beautiful, now put the two together!


 Ingrid Murray of My Peacetree
Beautiful You, Radiant You

We spend a great deal of time focused on the external happenings of our lives, yet often neglect to explore our own dreams, needs, and souls. Join me in dedicating a few hours to amazing you - we'll investigate and celebrate all your one of a kind wonderfulness! Learn how to create mandalas, use symbolism, tuck away secrets, and employ other techniques to bring your unique self into your art journal pages. Step by step instruction, writing and artistic prompts, and a great dose of inspiration included!


 Jane Davenport of Jane Davenport
Drawing Happy

"I Can't Draw!" is a lament I hear so often (that's why stamps are so popular, right!). Listen to me...if cavemen could draw, then you, who has mastered an ipod, microwave and email can do this! As a professional artist who creates artwork drawn from my imagination every day, I still have to find my way into the work. I have a bunch of tricks and tool recommendations that will warm you up, help open the floodgates to your imagination and your natural drawing style. Art, just like life, doesn't have to be 'serious' to be meaningful!


 Jeniffer Hutchins of Joyful Arts Studio
Emotional Evolution

Grab your art journal--it's time for an Emotional Evolution!! Let's turn fear into opportunity, doubt into joy, and frustration into anticipation! In Emotional Evolution we will learn the incredible, transformational power of dumping it all onto the page--with just a bit of paint and a pen, we can open the door to positive change! Knock! Knock!


 Kelley Brown of Art Journaling As A Creative Process
Adding Dimension

This workshop will demonstrate how to make pockets, envelopes, pop-ups, flaps, doors and windows to add depth and dimension to your journal pages. Along with the techniques we will explore ways to use dimension to maximize expression (both artistic expression and expression of self).


 Lisa Dieken of Wild Creative Heart
The Fragrant Art Journal

Imagine if your art journal was not only beautiful to look at and fun to touch but also awakened your spirit through the sense of smell. In The Fragrant Art Journal we will discover the why and how of creating a Fragrant Art Journal through specific techniques and a variety of fun ideas that will inspire you to create an art journal that stirs all the senses!


 Lisa Wilson of Life Unity
YOGA + ART: Journaling into Awareness

Find your foundation, play with intention, and express YOUrself! By combining the tools of art journaling and yoga, you will begin an exploration on how awareness both on the page as well as the “yoga mat” can transform mundane life – even the laundry - into something magical.

In this unique workshop, Lisa Wilson, a registered Yoga Teacher, gently guides you through very basic yoga poses that will lead you to a deeper connection with your body. Then you will transfer this heightened state of awareness to the journal page--fully expressing yourselves creatively through paint and other fun art supplies. All you need is an art journal and a body- yoga mat, previous experience, or flexibility not required!!


 Natasha Reilly of Creative Nachos
Improvisation Station

When you toss out the standard, boring ways we all define ourselves and adapt some of the basic principles found in improv classes to your page, you will be better able to listen to your intuition and create an art journal spread you’ll want to share with the World.

I assure you that you will not only surprise yourself but you’ll have a blast basking in your awesomeness as you mix improv with dazzling color, collage elements and inspired words. In the end you will have an art journal spread so stinkin’ fabulous, you’ll confidently want to shout from the mountaintops, “That’s right. I’m rockin’ awesome!”


Silent Messages: how saying nothing can say it all....

Have you ever experienced something that you wanted to create a page about? Did the idea that someone might see that page and read your journaling stop you from creating that page? Have you ever stopped yourself from creating a page because the content was too sad? Do you feel like all you can only share your pages if they are happy?If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is a class you won't want to miss. Sometimes the word art JOURNAL can lead us to feeling like we need to have writing on all of our pages explaining what our page is about. Truthfully, there are a lot of times when journaling leaves us over exposed, and so rather than putting things on paper, we choose not to journal at all. In this class, you will learn ways to share your story without using journaling. As part of your UNjournaling exploration, I will share a technique using Creative Paperclay as a medium to add texture to your pages. We'll explore the use of single words on a page to trigger for YOU the moment you were in, and allow the silent message speak to others in whatever way they can relate. Even in art journaling, sometimes less is actually MORE. Join Rachel Whetzel in exploring new areas of creating that free you to say what you need to without spilling your guts in public.


 Silky Hart of Expressive Hart
Paint Writing

Feel the rhythm and beauty of your own handwriting – like brush strokes zigzagging across the page of sky and earth in a calligraphy that shows the way to your soul. Playing with ink, watercolor, writing techniques and poetry, you’ll learn simple yet stunning ways to let paint fly onto the page from your own creative wellspring. You’ll come away with an exquisite little handmade journal of your own poetic artistry.


 Tamara Laporte of Willowing
Collage, Paint & Soul

In this lesson you will learn how to create a 'paint over collage' painting covering many layer and mixed media techniques as well as looking at composition and collage. Additionally there will be a healing/ personal growth theme attached to this lesson encouraging you to get in touch with deeper parts of your soul which will assist you on your own personal healing journey.


Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow

Get absolutely insane on your art journal pages with urban grunge! We will turn a blank white page into a textured, infinitely chaotic art journal background. Perfectionism simply cannot interfere when your goal is grunge!


 Violette Clark of Violette’s Creative Juice
Me And My Shadow

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. ~ Joseph Campbell

We all have a shadow - a dark side of ourselves that we often run away from or deny. Little do we know that great riches lie in embracing the shadow and integrating the dark side of ourselves. Allowing it proper expression is the key to happiness. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell spoke about the shadow and it's importance in our lives. What better way to explore our shadow side but through art journaling? In this workshop we'll be creating a two page spread on the shadow excavating our souls in the process. We'll create 2 pages, one of the shadow and one the face we portray to the outside world using a variety of techniques. We'll be using the page as a vessel to house our innermost thoughts and feelings.


21 SECRETS goes on sale this Monday, March 14th!

Registration will still be the low, low price of $59.
Videos are not downloadable--
but each Artist will provide a supportive PDF for you to print and keep.
(All sales final.)


By registering for 21 SECRETS you receive ALL the 21 workshops at one time.
You are able to pick and choose which ones you dive into first.
The workshop is open 24/7--but will close for good on Monday, August 1, 2011.


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