Adding Dimension :: 21 Secrets Sneak Peak

There is so much more to share!
Join me at the playground
21 Secrets goes on sale TOMORROW
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  1. oooohhhh, I am so excited for the 21 Secrets Workshop...I signed up a couple days ago..I can't wait for it to being.....I also love your blog and art journals..I absolutely think your art journal nights with your husband is a fantastic idea...My husband and I are giving it a shot..I think he is surprised how much he really likes it.....lol

  2. Those look gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!!

  3. @LunieBin Let me know how the artmaking goes with your husband. I love that our process is spreading to others, and hope that it is as helpful.

    @Lisa So excited to see all the workshops!

  4. Yep! It is an online self-paced workshop. The classes are open April 1 through August 1. All pdfs are downloadable... And it is just $59 for all 21 workshops! What a deal!


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