Art Journal Round Robin: The End

In May of 2010 I joined my first round robin, hosted by the lovely Erin Kenepp. Myself and Erin, as well as 10 other lovely ladies (Ophelia, Paula, Cristi, Kathy, Carin, Elena, Ann, Emily, Lisa and Susie) were part of a wondrous art-making collaboration. I have felt so blessed to be on this journey with them. Over the course of the last several months, several of the ladies had to drop out... life sometimes gets in the way of art. And this month, it was decided that the round robin would come to an end. last week I received my journal back, and have yet to truly soak in all the magic that it holds.

I am going to warn you now, that this post has LOTS of images... so here it goes:


  1. Great images, Kelley!
    Your journal was such a delight to work in, every page was a piece of art by itself.

  2. Thank you Elena!

    and thank you taio!


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