Art Night

I started an art group that meets monthly to make art together (read my guest post about starting your own art night). We recently had our monthly gathering and some amazing art was made, and much fun was had.

This is my image that was painted on a bamboo calendar delivered with our Chinese takeout. It was interesting painting on this surface, but it makes for a beautiful wall hanging.

And here it is on the wall with my other recent painting (you can read the story about it here). The colors match so well!


  1. This looks like a night where everyone had a great time. It made me want to jump right in. In fact, I've just joined a similar class--coming right up in a couple days. Thanks for sharing your vision with us:)

  2. Thanks Hannah. It is an awesome night that I look forward to every month. Our group rotates houses and we always do a potluck and then artmaking. So much fun! I hope that your class goes well!

  3. Are these guys clients or friends? Your work is breathtakingly beautiful.

  4. They are friends. It is more of a social gathering. And thank you!


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