International Art Therapy Postcard Art Exchange

I am starting to receive more postcards for the Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange (read more about this project here!) It is a delight to come home to such pretty mail in my mailbox! I only need to get motivated to make some to send out myself.

Pip McGrath — United Kingdom

Molly Kohut — Cleveland, OH

Unsigned — Postmark appears to be Illinois


  1. Wow Kelley,

    You have received some gorgeous cards. I was wondering as I replied to your comment on my post if you were involved in this exchange--my goodness, you're knee deep! You'll have a great time once you get started--its just like a journal in separate pages...

  2. These are great! I didn't participate in this swap (finals had me busy) but am so jealous of all the creative ATCs I've seen!

  3. I am starting to put them together. I have 5 or so done so far. I am pacing myself. I think the idea of all at once was too daunting!


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