October is Follower Appreciation Month

Susie over at Gathering Up Bits of the World had the grand idea of having a Follower Appreciation Month in honor of her 100th follower. I too recently had my 100th follower and was trying to think of a way to acknowledge and celebrate that... It also gives me a chance to celebrate my birthday with my virtual artist community (more to come about my birthday!) So this is perfect.

I completely agree with Susie, I love finding out that I have a new "follower" (though I am not 100% sold on the term, I guess I see you more as readers!). Finding out I have a new follower broadens my virtual artistic community, as well as lets me know that people are listening! I remember my 1st follower was Ann Somerset Miles at Journaling the Journal—that was before I even knew that there was such a thing as following. And now every time I have a new follower I love to check out their blog, and the others that they follow. Just last week I got my 100th follower Cheryl at Mandala Oasis. So Cheryl and Ann, I would love to send a little thank you to you to celebrate my 1st and 100th reader.

I am following Susie's lead, and on each Friday during October I will use the random number generator at http://www.random.org/ to pick one of my followers, and then honor them on my blog: by sharing their link and sending them a little thank you for their support.

PS. If you would like to participate in Follower Appreciation Month on your blog,  hop on over to Susie's blog and let her know!


  1. Kelley, I am honoured to be mentioned on your blog and will reply to your email shortly when I am back at my office computer (I can't send emails from this, my laptop). Thanks so much anyway, I truly appreciate your kindness, and love this blogging community - and your blog of course. Ann.

  2. We readers/followers/whatever think you are WONDERFUL!

  3. Kelley--what a generous and art-ful idea! I think you have a beautiful way of recognizing your readers (including me!).

  4. Thank you ladies! I appreciate all of your continued support! It means a lot to me to see read your comments, and know that you are reading!

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