Follower Appreciation Month: Week 3

Here it is the third winner for Follower Appreciation Month...

Drum Roll Please!

Funny the winner is Susie over at Gathering Up Bits of the World who came up with the grand idea for follower appreciation month! I guess the karma was good! Susie I will be sending you something shortly!

1 comment:

  1. This makes me sad cause I follow your blog religiously via an rss feed but don't have a blogger or Google account thus don't "follow" you... It really bothers me that sometimes people are penalized for not using certain technology... I note that my rss feed stated you have 25 other people subscribed via that service. I don't mean this as a critique just want to let you know that often you have "invisible followers" who for whatever reason don't use the actual follow process. I really do love your blog In fact I have just started a new art journal inspired by yours that I'm calling my road to 30. as I turned 29 this year and am having a hard time dealing with being thirty next year.


    P.S. Happiest of Birthday's


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