Tutorial: Mini Folded Book

I had a request for a tutorial on the Mini Folded Book I posted a while back. So here it goes...

Here is the finished product:

Step 1: Cut your paper. My book shown is a 4x4 square so the paper needs to be 32x4. You could make it any size square, and just multiply the finished size by 8 to get how large to cut the paper. (So a 5x5 square would be 40x5)

Step 2: Make folds on each 4" mark (or 5" mark if you are making a 5x5...) Below is an image of all the folds we will make, on one side of the book.

Step 3: From here on out, I will show you how to fold one half, you just repeat for the other side. Fold the corner down to the edge, making a triangle.

Step 4: Now on the second square from the middle, fold it down to the side, making another triangle. What you have now kinda looks like a pyramid.

Step 5:Fold the pyramid back towards you, overlapping the first square.

Step 6:Now fold the last square (which is now a triangle) and the 3rd square around the back.

Step 7:You should now have something that looks like this:

Step 8: Tuck the triangle under the flap made by the other folded triangle. 

Step 9: And now repeat for other side.

Since I know that the pictures and description may be a bit confusing, here is a video of me folding half of the book. Happy creating!!


  1. Thank you for including the video... as I looked at the photos my head was just twisting sideways (and almost off!) trying to make sense of it/

  2. I know!! I felt the same way trying to explain the photos. Which is why I included the video! I am glad that it helped!


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