Mixed Media Cards

I often find that my journaing spills over into card making. They are like mini-journal pages to send to loved ones.

This first one I am sending to my family back home. A facebook friend recently posted about how it was strange to have two places feel like home, and I agree. St Louis is definitely my home, but Louisville is "home" if that makes sense...

And this one I did for my grandmother. I intuitively created the art and then looked for a quote to match. This one seemed perfect with the imagery of the stars and the music note transfer:
There they stand, the innumerable stars, shining in order like a living hymn, written in light. ~N.P. Willis


  1. Kelley,

    I like this idea--and think it would be great to use with patients at the hospital where I work--they are ALWAYS missing home.

    Will you be coming to Sacramento for the AATA conference?

  2. Thanks Hannah! It does seem like a good idea, I have done ATC's in groups, asking them to keep one and trade the others. It is usually a difficult thing for them to let go of their artwork, but teaches a valuable lesson in giving.

    As far as Sacramento, I would love to, but I think that it is not gonna happen this year. I plan on DC though next summer!

  3. this is awesome kelley........you really have inspired me today!


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