Art Journal Round Robin: Paula's Journal -- Give yourself permission

I received Paula's journal about two weeks ago, but have been out of town so much that I was not able to get to it until now. I love the colors and the fun feel of the journal.

And the sign in page was equally enticing!

Here is my little sign in tag. I recently got an free-hand embroidery foot for my sewing machine, and love the way I can make spirals, and letters, and all sorts of things now!

My page in the journal reads "give yourself permission to be imperfect." I have been thinking about this a lot with my life, my work and my art. I have become to realize that it is okay to make "ugly art" and in that there is beauty; that it is okay to struggle, through struggles we grow and learn; and that in general, it is just too much pressure on myself to think that I can achieve perfection, because the truth is I cannot because I am human.

And these are some more pages by Elena Nosyreva in my journal. I am excited to see what the rest of the round robin will bring!

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  1. Great pages! Can't wait to see this one in person!


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