Art Journaling as a Creative Process: The Workshop

So my first workshop was today. I was a bit nervous but overall I think that it went well, of course not without a few hiccups. But at least they happened BEFORE the workshop. The gallery where the workshop was held did not have any parking for unloading, so we parked across the street and carried the stuff in. On the first trip across the street, Chris dumps one of the rolling carts... all in the middle of the street. We got it cleaned up before the traffic started moving, thanks to some help from the onlookers at the farmer's market! So go 2: I dump a whole box of supplies out in the street. Again we got it picked up and had no more mishaps while unloading. I guess it happens!

The rest of the workshop went well. We were set up in plenty of time, and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully learned something new... and were inspired to create!

And some of their wonderful creations:

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