License Plate Journal

After finally getting a Missouri plate, I have been staring at my old Kentucky plate thinking that I could make a journal out of it. I looked through both my book-making books (Re-bound and How to Make Books) and decided that I would try out the coptic stitch. Now although How to Make Books does a great job explaining it, I found this video helpful. What he doesn't tell you is that using a bent needle is essential.

I used recycled paper bags plus various other papers to make the signatures. And here is the finished result:


  1. Your new journal turned out nice! I like binding journals/books but have not tried coptic binding, I'm not sure I like the naked spine, but for the plates it's great. I hope you have fun filling it!

  2. Lovely! I loving making little journals and books, the process can be so addicting!

  3. It definitely is addicting. And since I have been recycling materials for the journals, every time I turn around I am wanting to recycle new materials into a journal.


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