Art Journal Round Robin: Ophelia's Journal -- Art Bird Spread

I completed a spread in Ophelia's journal tonight, and finished my sign-in tag.

I was actually thinking it might be time to move on from the bird theme, but when I saw Ophelia's bird on her cover, and read what she wrote about being inspired by other artists, this is what happened!

And this is my sign in tag and puppet. About two years ago, I was able to attend a puppet workshop by Lani Gerity. Ever since then, I have been making puppets. Puppets with my art therapy groups, puppets for friends and puppets for journals. I especially like being able to put them into pockets in the journals, and the pockets Ophelia made were perfect for a puppet. So here is a little Kelley butterfly.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I can't stand how much I LOVE this spread!!!! I CAN'T wait to see it in person!! Oh....I can't wait....thank you so much for posting this!!!

  2. I am so glad you like it Ophelia!


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