Evolution of a Journal Page: Round Robin - Cristi's Journal

I finished a spread in Cristi's Round Robin Journal today, and wanted to show a bit of the process of how it got from the blank page to the finished product.

1} I glued scraps of paper onto the pages. They will get mostly covered up later, but I like the texture that they add to the page.

2} I covered the page with water-soluble oil pastels in a variety of colors and then with white acrylic. The oil pastels give a tinge of color to the white background. Then I used a variety of printmaking techniques on the pages: a toilet paper roll makes the large circle, bubble wrap makes the circular pattern, and then the birds and stars are hand-carved stamps from a wine cork.

3} Next, I applied focal images. In this case I used paint swatches sewn together to make the bird and the heart with wings.

4} I finished the page off with adding a quote and accentuating the focal images with black ink. Lastly I coated the entire page with Modge Podge to protect the surface and to ensure that the focal images stay glued to the page.
be as a bird perched on a frail branch
that she feels bending beneath her,
and still she sings away, knowing she has wings

1 comment:

  1. Howdy Kelley,

    I REALLY like this spread. Thanks for sharing your process. I'm inspired!



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