Craft Alliance

Today Tessa and I went to some galleries in the Loop, including Craft Alliance. It is a neat little space, and offers a lot of classes to the public.

When I went in, I was immediately drawn to some fabric embroidered pieces, that reminded me of collaging and art journaling.

And then I looked at the artist name and realized that the artist was a professor at my undergraduate university, Jennifer Reis. It was a pleasant surprise and reminded me of how small of a world it really is. It also made me want to do a fabric art journal, and/or to start using more embroidered embellishments in my journal. They were simply stunning.

While we were there, we also saw this piece (different artist, which dare I say I forgot the name of) , which although it at first just made me chuckle, later made me think about just how many inventive and creative ways there are to embellish and change a photograph.

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