Sketchbook Project Show

Chris and I got the chance to go to an amazing show tonight called the Sketchbook Project. It was put together by the Art House Co-op.

Basically people from all over requested to receive one of these journals (they were the small moleskine cahier journals) and they created artwork in it and then sent it back to go on a nationwide sketchbook tour. The prompt for the journal was "Everyone we know". They are touting it as "like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks" and the collection includes over 2,800 artists.

The amount of journals was just breathtaking!

And the individual books themselves were absolutely amazing. All different, but all so personal.
This one used enameled scrap metal in the book.

I loved the collage work in this one.

The cover of this one was gorgeous. It used a thick sheet of transparent film with the lettering drawn on top of it.

This one incorporated the blue text as a line within the drawing. It is hard to see here, but the contour drawings were gorgeous!

I loved that this one had been altered into a circle shape, and an accordion fold.

This one was dedicated to women with breast cancer, and the person who created it obviously had been touched by it personally. It brought tears to my eyes-each page was such a rich and honest story.

This one used a continuous line of sewing to spell out names of people throughout the book.

And this one was not only gorgeous, but it mentioned my hometown -- Louisville!!

The techniques in the books were so inspiring, and I can't wait to work in my journal some more very soon!

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